Great design accounts for the unforeseen

Pretty sure the designers of MY tent – The Himalayan Hotel – didn’t expect or plan for Mermaids and Monster High dolls. THAT is great design.

I suppose I didn’t expect or plan for them either – but here we are, creeping up on the third week of sleeping in the tent in the backyard.

Urban camping.

Happy Sequel Day

Today was just a good, fly by the seat of your pants Father’s Day.
We got up to watch Switzerland play (and win in the last minute) against Ecuador in the World Cup opening round. We had breakfast with some friends during that cap and then TheMermaids and I headed out for a movie marathon.
Beginning with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, then Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and capped with How to Train Your Dragon 2.

I suppose that makes it a day of sequels; sorta like Father’s Day and what it represents, another day in a sequence of exciting adventures with obligatory bumps and bruises and cheering and stories and plot twists and pride and anger and fart jokes and LOTS of one liners that sometimes only I laugh at.

Thanks to TheMermaids for putting up with me and my sequels.