It’s what we do…

After getting home late tonight, tired, and hungry I yelled at the dog, clapped over-loud at The Mermaids


and finally grumped down to read some news.
One human interest story finished my night. It was about Richard Sherman, just a few days away from the Super Bowl, announcing that he’ll be a dad any day now.
He mentioned what he’ll do, how he’ll teach his son respect, and how to be an upstanding citizen.

That was nice.

I got up and made to turn off the lights and I see a note…arghhh!…on the table.

I told her YESTERDAY I would help!

So I sit. Its 10:00-late , the only sound is the endless pacing of a clock, and I make glass slippers for my littlest Mermaid (and her doll).

I didn’t even think that I could.


This is also what Dad’s do.

Smell my fingers

Making coffee this morning and TheWeeOne offered to help by swiping out the loose grounds from the grinder.
I said ‘no thanks’ because I didn’t think she’d like to have that coffee smell on her.

Here, I’ll show you

I wiped the grounds out with my hand, quickly rubbed the grits between my fingers and thumb and offered them to her to smell.

Nahh, I can’t tell over the smell of your Daddy fingers.