Smell my fingers

Making coffee this morning and TheWeeOne offered to help by swiping out the loose grounds from the grinder.
I said ‘no thanks’ because I didn’t think she’d like to have that coffee smell on her.

Here, I’ll show you

I wiped the grounds out with my hand, quickly rubbed the grits between my fingers and thumb and offered them to her to smell.

Nahh, I can’t tell over the smell of your Daddy fingers.


I’m super excited to be helping to arrange a screening of HOPE – a documentary film benefiting 3000 Miles to a Cure.

I’m doubly super excited that two of the heroines in the film will be present; Maria and Lucia Parker.
This means we’ll get to meet and talk to both the winner of the 2013 RAAM as well as one of the many, uber-critical-without-whom-success-can-be-questioned members of her crew.

If you come watch the film you’ll see what I mean.

From the site:

This is a story about hope in the face of terminal illness and Maria Parker’s incredible 2013 Race Across America. It is about refusing to accept impossible.

All proceeds fund brain cancer research through 3000 Miles to a Cure.

If any of my blieflets would like to watch this inspiring film with me – it’s free to register at

Come to Liberty Cafe at 7:PM on Jan 22nd – it’ll be absolutely worth your while.


Yes, this happened about a week ago.

Hey girls!
We made it, tonight is the longest night of the year.
[blank stares of WTH?]
It’s December 21st! The Winter Solstice? The longest night / or shortest day of the year!
…yeah yeah, you said that last night.
Alright, well, after this the days start getting longer again so, ‘Woo hoo!’
[with a look of confirmation to TheMommy, La Grande said]

And that makes absolutely NO SENSE because every day has 24 hours?!

it would appear that I DO need to e’splain – I cannot ‘sum up’.