Now I know why the evil fairie guarded a very vulnerable sleeping beauty with a thicket of thorns.

They might have tasted good in september

…even if the mighty hero successfully hacks his way through the thicket with his trusty sword (aka The Weed Hacker)…
Dr. Livingston's got nothin' on me

…he’d be too tired to take on the Guard Dragon.
Guarded by a wicket - not a thicket

Dining room happened

Yesterday – this happened.

Not a TRUE before picture – the ceiling faux-tray is already in place, the popcorn is gone, etc…but at least you get an inkling of the Sun King Gold shiny paint.
color me Louis The XIV

THE Mermaid painted all walls, and ceiling, including cutting in trim all day yesterday…twice.

Slate blue

Slate blue #2

I put up trim in the entry hallway, much less impressive to see in a photo.


Some recent events

Yesterday – LaGrande and I took a twelve mile ride – her first on my original Silvio. She handled it quite well – all on the flats.
Still some swerving and loss of concentration but she is relaxing into it and managed to increase her peak speed three times during the ride – all on the flats.
First 17mph was her goal; done.
Then 19mph was her goal – she hit 20.
Then the last part segment of the day she was shooting for over 20 – she hit 22.
Beyond that her average speed was around 13mph.

a favorite quote

I like the wind on my face! I can see why you like this!

Cruzbiking - next gen.

Then, today, I took it upon myself to thin the herd in the front of the house.
Removed a lot of the juniper and other evergreens that were choking out their neighbors.
Essentially – we’re setting the stage for enabling some of the nicer ornamentals to fill out.
I’m exceedingly itchy tonight.

Shrub Removal Before

Shrub Removal During

Shrub Removal After