Know your strengths

Just a short little parable about knowing thine strengths.

If you know about fixing bikes, or licking slugs, or chopping wood, or say, touching up April fools day pictures – that’s great.

Don’t think that these wee tidbits of trivia somehow automatically entitle you to just go off the reservation when executing at mealtime.

He said to ‘wrap the yams in tinfoil’ and just throw them on the coals for about an hour!
Yes, he said “coals” and I’m telling you, coals have different properties for cooking than wood fires. You can’t just expect…
Psssssh – whatever, it’ll be fine; I’ve got it handled.

Surreptitiously, I reduced the total time on the wood fire to 45 minutes – no problem.


I can report that the spoonful in the middle is quite tasty.

Moral: We have partners, in life, for a reason – it is foolish to casually discount their strengths.

Great design accounts for the unforeseen

Pretty sure the designers of MY tent – The Himalayan Hotel – didn’t expect or plan for Mermaids and Monster High dolls. THAT is great design.

I suppose I didn’t expect or plan for them either – but here we are, creeping up on the third week of sleeping in the tent in the backyard.

Urban camping.