Lunar eclipse

This morning at 4:30AM I awoke to check the sky – if it was clear I’d wake The Mermaids to observe the total lunar eclipse, achieving totality at 4:58AM.
It wasn’t clear but there were breaks in the clouds – we *might* see something.

By the time I woke them up and got us outside, conditions had worsened.

PeekABoo Moon

10 minutes before totality we sat, cold, in our robes, on a ridge-rest on the front steps and it looked like we’d miss totality; waked for naught.

Someone then thought…to…blow, kinda hard, in the direction of the moon in an attempt to clear a space in the clouds so that we might be afforded a view.

With the three of us all contributing mightily – it worked. For a minute or two.
Lunar Eclipse

When La Luna disappeared at last behind a leaden curtain, we packed our freezing toes back into the house, satisfied with our efforts.