Hairy Potter

Last night the Mermaids danced until after 11PM.
I didn't know Mermaids can dance?!

Last night the Mermaids, The Mommy, Siena, HerMommy, myself, Monya, BopOp, Aunt, and Cuz all attended the 7th Annual Renton Film Frenzy Awards Gala, and we had a fantastic time!

Support starts with family

And, as it turns out, last night the Mermaids and I won an award.

In the first weekend of October we invited a good friend over and we wrote, filmed, edited, and delivered a four minute movie.

Hairy Potter
When three tweenage muggles find a guide for becoming wizards, like their more famous cousins, they jump at the chance. But things take a turn for the worse when the nincompoop wizard, who wrote the manual, missed an important step.

We had screened the movie, along with the rest of the entrants, last weekend and arrived this night in high hopes, dressed in our party clothes, and (literally) walking the red carpet.
Natural Born Starlets!

The Mermaids walked it like they’ve done it one hundred times – I suppose, in their minds maybe they have?

They owned it.

The awards started with some introductions and the 3rd place awards and right…about…then all three of my stars got up to go to the restroom!


The unseen hero here is The Mommy, simultaneously supplying tissue under stall doors, paper towels at the sink, and listening at the door for the announcements over the PA to make sure they wouldn’t miss their moment. 
The speed with which they returned set a new precedent that I won’t let them soon forget.
[end tangent]

Back in record time and perhaps ten minutes later we were awarded the Special Judges Award!

The presenter was none other than L. Phillippe Casseus and he gave the Mermaids an excellent compliment saying that he was very impressed with the long takes.

Long-takes are always the hardest and you had some very long ones and you did it SO well!

Special Judges AwardI didn’t realize the pressure I was putting on them during filming but there were a significant number of very long takes that they pulled off with aplomb. This made the editing job quite a bit simpler!

Congratulations to all of the winners last night.
There is some amazing talent in Renton making films and it’s great to just put our creativity and ourselves out there, into the public, and be part of it with them.

I’m very proud of my Mermaids and their amazing friend for having such great work ethic, excellent creativity, and a fun-loving attitude – together.

Without further ado – the movie – Hairy Potter.