Playing in a hammock

Yesterday we celebrated my cousins’ graduation from high school!

Congratulations Ian!

There are pictures on Facebook and all.
There were lots of cousins around.

But I’m here to share my first ever “funniest home video” moment.

The men-folk were sitting in the yard swapping stories about the days before arthritis, perhaps even the days that caused arthritis, and I was keeping half an eye on The Mermaids playing in the hammock with their cousin (once removed).
Mostly because I found myself facing their direction.

They had been playing on the hammock for most of the past two days and maintaining sanity, as most mermaids might tend to do, but this time I noticed they had finally begun stepping outside the proverbial envelope.

So, without much regard for personal safety, I whipped out my trusty video recording device and voila!

3 thoughts on “Playing in a hammock”

  1. Thanks Lief, such a fun, fun, day. Gotta love summer around here! For sure we love those surprises that come when your troupe rolls in. XOXO.

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