Levers and fulcrums

Just a snippet of some kids at play – and one of them had a camera!
Sorry for the loudness of the screaming at ~5 second mark!

The hoop is located at the top left – just over the peak of the house in the background.

4 thoughts on “Levers and fulcrums”

  1. Video format or MIME type not supported!
    Boo hoo!!! I couldn’t view the scene — try again.

    Grampa Z.

  2. What is there in the minds of so-called “immature” children that gives them the inspiration to come up with something like this??!! [Ha! HA!! HAHA!!!]

  3. Wow! Such and incredible shot! I watched that clip about 8-10 times and enjoyed it each time. No problem with the yelling, that makes it even more fun.

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