So, we’re at Sunnyside…

So, we’re at Sunnyside Elementary, got to the top of the hill. Getting ready for the big down hill. Looking pretty good, had some grapes, had some electrolytes. And saw the guy at pedal dynamics here. Talked to him about my crack in my frame and good to go. The crack that’s been there for a long time, that’s it. Bye. listen

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One thought on “So, we’re at Sunnyside…”

  1. Lief, I would be a little concerned about that crack. These things tend to show up in the more highly-stressed parts and then progress (sometimes rather rapidly, but often insiduously!) to previously less stressed locales.
    On the other hand, it could be a crack caused by “built-in” stress: a stress caused by a small incompatibility or conflict in different elements in the structure. Not all of which are, by themselves, very critical. In structural engineering terms, these elements are called “indeterminant” which means, their stresses cannot be readily calculated (except by elaborate computer programs). EXCEPT: the mighty god of fatigue stress can and does do the calculations — and he never fails!!

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