You can try to stop ’em!

I was reminded this evening of a time nearly 30 years ago when I drove a Stomper 4×4…

You can try to stop 'em!

along the back of the couch, up my mom’s arm, over her shoulder, and onto her…well, you get the picture.

hair stomper

7 thoughts on “You can try to stop ’em!”

  1. That story brings back laughter uncontrollable darn near even after all these years. OMGoodness did we laugh. Just shows that some things never quite change. 🙂

  2. Lief you really shoud describe the sound the 4×4 makes when tangling hair 🙂

  3. @Mom – the sound? You can ask Abby now too! She has first hand experience. Though hers is the same in quality and shorter in quantity.

  4. I remember the sound and the slowdown in progress of the 4×4. Too funny!

  5. I’m just curious how the item of a “personal” nature came to be entangled in the mermaid’s hair. It looks like a prescription bottle, without wheels or knobby tires.

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