Now I know why the evil fairie guarded a very vulnerable sleeping beauty with a thicket of thorns.

They might have tasted good in september

…even if the mighty hero successfully hacks his way through the thicket with his trusty sword (aka The Weed Hacker)…
Dr. Livingston's got nothin' on me

…he’d be too tired to take on the Guard Dragon.
Guarded by a wicket - not a thicket

3 thoughts on “Malificent”

  1. My attempt at humor makes it look like The Sleeping Beauty was not part of the “trusty sword weed hacking”.

    She was – she carted nearly every shred of that thicket to the burn pile and burned it – singing hairs and generally causing such a ruckus that this picture, of a Mermaid and her dog on the hammock – is about all she could muster at days end.

    We are both fairly well crushed and run over by the weekends activities.

  2. Great story and imagery! LOL.
    Ah the wonders of home ownership, the American Dream! Or nightmare? Likely can’t help it, the labor is in your genes, if in doubt just think of G-pa E.

  3. The burn……it grows back!

    Spent 8 hours on my feet today selling at a garage sale…Ang and I look allot alike about now!

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