Bucket List

If you are looking for a bucket-list item here are a few.

  • Walk across your home state in 20 days
  • Climb a mountain
  • Get Arrested
  • wait…wha?

    Well, if you are my Great Aunt Hazel you don’t just put these on a lifetime bucket-list; you do them all in one year.

    Or in successive weeks – as the case may be. (Search term = Iowa Bakken Pipeline protest)
    Get Up Stand Up

    That’s right, just last week she was at 10,000 feet with me, BopOp, and Louie…
    And now she’s standing up for her beliefs related to oil pipeline construction across Iowa.

    I won’t put words in her mouth – her belief is likely to be very specific and was clearly actionable.
    I’m simply proud to be related to her and proud of her conviction.

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