2017 Snow days

An unusual snowstorm rolled through, in above freezing temperatures, and has closed school for two days.
It was between 6-7 inches at arms length from the patio – perhaps deeper were I to put on shoes.
no shoes? no accurate measurement.

Measurements aside, the event was fantastic.
Trees bowed down to it’s beauty.
breaking branches in wonderland.

Children (self included) squee’d for it’s accumulation.
A shin-high constitutional.

Elvis made an appearance.
ah huh huh!

Puppies (self included) essentially refused to surmount it’s obstacle to carry on business as usual.
Puppies are cute.

And lastly; monuments (erected with slave labor) were surmounted and admired by pilgrims both near and near.
I'm on top of the world!
Wikit and Tucker

2 thoughts on “2017 Snow days”

  1. Don’t know where I have been, clearly missed these blogs! So cute, love the comments and the photos.

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