Track bracketed by rain

Today was La Grande’s first official track meet.

4'2" 1st Attempt
High Jump – 2nd place at 4’4″ (#1 couldn’t clear 4’4″ either but she only needed one try to clear 4’2″)

On your left!
800 M – 9th place

Pocket to Socket
100 M – 3rd in Heat (no overall time)

It was a good day.

3 thoughts on “Track bracketed by rain”

  1. Love it! Takes me back to my tennis days! We had to run stairs to warm up. Unc le Jamey can relate I imagine, he did some serious running in track and on the basketball court!

  2. You go girl. I too loved track the 400 relay the last leg was my favorite and high jump!! Annika runs the 200 relay, 800 and long jump. Must be in our blood!!!! have a blast!

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