End of 2017

2017 has been something of a whirlwind. I suppose my lack of postings reflects that general truth.
This past 10 days we, as a family, have had some good relaxing together time playing games and enjoying our winter holidays without much commitment.

I welcome 2018; look forward to making ourselves better, keepin’-on with the typicals, and discovering some atypicals and unawares.

We made some gingerbread houses.
Gingerbread Family

Gingerbread Houses

Enjoyed our cozy christmas room.
Cozy, comfy, Christmas

The girls powered through a christmas tradition – making cookies.
Christmas Traditionals

And it started to snow…on Christmas Eve! We expected a dusting and awoke to about 5 inches (or half a small dog)!!
Christmas Morning 5" of snow

After we unwrapped presents (before first light) a nice mid-morning nap then we took to the snow. It was perhaps the most perfect packing snow…and I found two square buckets for making bricks.
Behold – 30 years later – another monolith!
Resurrecting the Monolith

The next day – we borrowed a 13foot ladder…
Bring out the gimp.

“forced” some serf’s up to the top…
Old Age and Treachery

and capped our beast off for an official record – it lasted about 15 minutes at this height.
Taller than the house

As I write this, 5 days of rain later, we still have a wee pile in the front yard.

It was a good end to the year.

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