Mini-remodel Main Bath

For some days/weeks/months we have made do with 2 functioning bathrooms.
This was due to equal parts available time, fear (of fixing it wrong), desire, with a dash of no-budget thrown in to boot. If it weren’t for the last bit I would have hired it done months ago.

Finally the stars aligned last weekend and I overcame the fear factor with the help of BopOp – there is no real substitute for experience.

* new subfloor under the toilet
* tear out existing vinyl
* new underlayment floor to match existing floor height
* smooth underlayment floor (no high spots)
* new solid toilet flange
* new finish floor (went with inexpensive click-in vinyl ‘planks’)
* new toilet
* install toilet
* install trim

As of today I only have a small leak issue with the toilet-tank that should be resolved with a little sleuthing.

Per usual – 1000 words per pic.

The first three layers needed to be a total of 3/4″ + 3/4″ + 7/8″ (or was it 5/8″?) for a grand total of either 2.125″ or 2.625″ – I think it was the latter. Using the big, exterior grade, HD Oriented Strand Board (OSB) for the two 3/4″ layers we only needed to find a board with the goofy 7/8″ dimension.
Luckily – I’ve been doing pallet-board projects and I happened to have one pallet with good boards of exactly that dimension. They went down first.

Then we established how to successfully manage the lead elbow and the brass flange via TheInternets – credit to Erik Asquith and his video on how he replaced his similar setup

We finished day one about here – with some hard wood putty in the low spots. Decided not to go with self-leveler for the floor because it already looked pretty good to begin with.

And while parts of the putty were drying (and the paint behind the old water closet) we handcrafted a small cherry strip for the threshold rounding the edges with a simple belt-sander. Later you will see I stained the strip with a dark walnut and added two coats of shellac, buffed out with 0000 steelwool, for an almost TOO nice look. Shout-out to Brad Simmons for giving me some cool castoffs of Brazillian cherry from his first house build many many years ago. I knew I kept them for a reason.

On day two BopOp reminded me how to make a well-crafted fit, along an uneven edge, using a compass and after some more work on the underlayment we got started, slowly at first around the hard bits, and then much more quickly to finish…

…exactly where we planned; a full plank’s width against the south wall.

The red color of the cherry may clash, for a color-purist, against the straight browns of the floor in this closeup but in real life I think it lends a subtle and interesting accent crossing over from the varied colors of the slate into the new uniform browns of the bath floor.

Since I haven’t caulked along the tub yet, nor fixed the leak (I somehow managed) on the toilet tank; there is no final shot. The trim looks real nice though and if I didn’t do this post now – it might not happen.

TEASER: My next big picture post *should be* what I have done in the past 6 months to my bike garage. Been saving…er…procrastinating that one.

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  1. Awesome photos and description. Love the flooring and the threshold, can’t wait to hear that the leak has been stopped!

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