Live and love like there is no tomorrow

I don’t personally know Elden Nelson (aka Fatty), I have only met his blog, but the depth of his personal story which he has been sharing with humor, grace, and humility has meant something to me in a way that I am not accustomed to.

I am, in my version of empathy-weak hedonism, pretty much concerned only with myself and my immediate surroundings. I really only dwell on my bike, my job, my sleep, my children, and my wife and my family. I act like a lot of the other stuff is just granted.

I also seem to have a well-developed misery-avoidance setting and if you carry that forward just a little bit and you might end up with inaction when action is needed.

Elden, amazingly and for no explainable reason, was the catalyst behind a small change in my motivation and action.

Really? If you get right down to it my wife has enough empathy for something like two full grown Texans and she has done more leading-by-example over the last ten years such that it would be foolish to suggest that somehow this funny blogger in Utah did more for me than her; he didn’t. She, and my parents before her, set the stage in so many ways that it defies my ability to recount and really defies the point of this message. Suffice it to say, that I was primed by a loving family and ready for this adjustment but I didn’t know it until Elden made his catalytic call to action.

So I joined the Seattle Livestrong Ride and I made a small and positive difference on behalf of a few in my family, extended family, and even reached out to a family that I hardly knew.

It was worthy action for their sake.

Last night I saw Fatty’s post about the end of his wife’s fight with cancer and I got shivers. My misery-avoidance setting doesn’t even really allow me to seriously consider, deep-down, what it would feel like to go through a trial like that at this time in my life – but I got shivers.

This turn of events had me thinking more this morning and other than taking direct action against cancer on others behalf (as we have done and continue to do through the likes of the LiveStrong Foundation) it seems to me that living and loving like there is no tomorrow is the best course.

That is what I have read and re-discovered on – Elden and his wife Susan shared what it is like for a family, at pretty much the same place in their lives as mine, to live and love like there is no tomorrow.

The only thing to do now is thank them for sharing and then act on what I have learned.

3 thoughts on “Live and love like there is no tomorrow”

  1. Well said Lief and suffice it to say that you, Ang, Abby and Emma are loved by me and my family!!

  2. A wonderful set of words expressing your feelings and the reasons for them. The links to the related blogs helped for putting everything in context. It was very impressive to see how many thousands of people had commented on Eldon’s blog annoncing his wife’s death. (Your comment was the only one that I noticed that linked back to your blog where you wrote about your feelings. Nice touch!)

    Next year, let’s make your Livestrong Challenge even more formidable!!

  3. It is true without our health and our loved ones we travel in awkward silence. Living is learning glad you have aother opportunity to grow.
    You are an awesome person, honest with yourself and others and you are truly loved.

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