I blief I have begun.

This is the first blief and as such, the beginning of the end of another chunk of free time. Will I put pictures here for family to see? Yes. Have I joined the zeitgeist of the blogosphere? Yes. Will I spend way too many late nights tweaking that infernal line so the curve is just swervy enough so that all who notice it’s swervalicious glory will regale? – Yes to the first part.
Let’s just get started shall we?

What’s with the question and answer format anyway?
gah I can’t stop!

6 thoughts on “I blief I have begun.”

  1. Way to go! This is pretty cool!

    How much web server space is consumed by this stuff? Did you create a database in MySQL? I might need to have you show me what you did to get this going.

    You probably need to have some way to stop the spammers from hitting your blog site. On my blog, I had to activate a thing where the person leaving a comment types in the letters they see in a graphic. That stopped the spam. James did the same thing with his blog…actually he did it first.

  2. Don’t know how much space.
    Yes on the MySQL bit.
    I can show you how to do it, pretty easy…as long as it goes like mine did.
    For now I approve every comment coming in before it is posted…that may change in the near future. 🙂
    Until then I probably won’t have to worry about it too much cause blief.zwise.org is somewhat off the radar whereas eBlogger is in the scope.

  3. Dude!!! This is awesome!!
    I wondered about doing something like this, but was rather too intimidated to try.
    If this works out as well as it appears it’s going to, and if zwise can cope with the storage requirements, I may just have to migrate my blog.
    In any case, I think it’s time to start thinking about ways to migrate, store, reproduce and reformat blog content, so that we’re not locked in to any service or tool, and so that we can recreate the content into any format we may want in the future.
    One question: can this tool generate an RSS feed?

  4. Neat site Lief.

    I like your picture on the top right, but I couldn’t get the picture you posted to open!?
    Like the swiss cheese look too.

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