Hello Darkness

Last night TheWeeOne and I went to a movie. We didn’t speak on the way home – it was late.

Pulling into the driveway, the engine stopped, and we rested briefly in the quiet. My ears hissed and echoed the freeway speeds like a small shell on the beach.

I said,

It’s so quiet here

She nodded and I filled the space again.

But, I guess I hear like, a hissing noise in my ears.

She gestured with her chin out the window wordlessly, paused for effect, and said

Silence has lots of sounds.

Some recent events

Yesterday – LaGrande and I took a twelve mile ride – her first on my original Silvio. She handled it quite well – all on the flats.
Still some swerving and loss of concentration but she is relaxing into it and managed to increase her peak speed three times during the ride – all on the flats.
First 17mph was her goal; done.
Then 19mph was her goal – she hit 20.
Then the last part segment of the day she was shooting for over 20 – she hit 22.
Beyond that her average speed was around 13mph.

a favorite quote

I like the wind on my face! I can see why you like this!

Cruzbiking - next gen.

Then, today, I took it upon myself to thin the herd in the front of the house.
Removed a lot of the juniper and other evergreens that were choking out their neighbors.
Essentially – we’re setting the stage for enabling some of the nicer ornamentals to fill out.
I’m exceedingly itchy tonight.

Shrub Removal Before

Shrub Removal During

Shrub Removal After


On a walk in the nice yet windy weather TheWeeOne noted,

Hey, did you know, when I turn my head to the side the wind noise goes away.

To which I replied,

/insert here/ a 15 minute, one-sided “conversation” about the dynamics and resistance of fluids on objects culminating with how that sound represents turbulence and it’s deleterious impact on the speed of a moving bicycle. /end insert/

TheWeeOne first organized, and then shredded, bits of grass she clutched in her fist.

It’s definitely time I get back on my bike.