Vote For Mermaids

It’s that time of year again!
The Mermaids and I all made a movie a couple weeks ago and submitted it to the Renton Film Frenzy VI.
Now we are voting on The People’s Choice.

Once you register you can vote once per day for your favorite Mermaids.

There were three “curveballs” this year.

  1. We must have a character named Gene Coulon
  2. We must film in the Renton Piazza
  3. We must have an airplane represented in the film

See if you can spot all three.

The synopsis this year:
A family night of singing takes a turn into the 21st century when two sweet violets record their Grampa singing his favorite song and turn it into one of their own.

Nez Perce and inter-tribal Tamkaliks celebration.

We took this trip to Wallowa (wa ‘la wa) in July because TheWeeOne wanted to meet an Nez Perce indian friend just like her American Girl doll named Kaya (whom she brought in complete pow-wow regalia).
Two little girls gone native.
I’m not sure she met with what she expected at this event;

I thought there’d just be lotsa teepees.

…but the weekend proved to be anything but lacking.
We did see, hear, and experience a fair amount of authenticity.
This image is taken from a short video presented on my Instagram account, where you can also listen.
Nez Perce and inter-tribal Tamkaliks celebration.

Authentic dancing
The costumes, singing, and dancing were definitely a high point and a focus of the weekend.

They clearly took their rituals VERY seriously.

Impressive array

The grounds, where the majority of events took place, was well designed…
Tamkaliks grounds

…and the view out of the south entryway was amazing at sundown – especially so with the teepees on the river.
Teepees at Sundown

A horse parade happened one morning, recognizing several individuals who had followed a traditional path to the encampment from Pendleton, on horseback.
Horse Parade
Tribal Elder

TheWeeOne even got a very brief encounter with two of the performers her age.
Mermaids and NezPerce

And the rest of the weekend was spent either driving to and fro…
LaGrande - Thattaway.

…or walking on water, near the cabin we reserved, just outside of Joseph.
Who knew that Mermaids CAN walk on water.

It was a great little place called Trouthaven. The sunset on the hills even reflected gold in the water
Waterskiing on liquid gold.
(NO retouching here)

And we even saw some hard-to-find wildlife.
This guy took about 30 minutes to track down

TheMermaids, ever the chameleons, went a little native themselves in a very short time.
Girls gone native
Girls gone native II

Playing in a hammock

Yesterday we celebrated my cousins’ graduation from high school!

Congratulations Ian!

There are pictures on Facebook and all.
There were lots of cousins around.

But I’m here to share my first ever “funniest home video” moment.

The men-folk were sitting in the yard swapping stories about the days before arthritis, perhaps even the days that caused arthritis, and I was keeping half an eye on The Mermaids playing in the hammock with their cousin (once removed).
Mostly because I found myself facing their direction.

They had been playing on the hammock for most of the past two days and maintaining sanity, as most mermaids might tend to do, but this time I noticed they had finally begun stepping outside the proverbial envelope.

So, without much regard for personal safety, I whipped out my trusty video recording device and voila!