This tool and that tool

Couple of comments have asked about how this works and how intimidating it is.
The best answer I have is yes.
For the slightly technical (like me) it seemed intimidating. I have a friend at work that accomplished what took me 2.5 – 3 hours in a little over 15 minutes. Coulda been 5 but he didn’t slow down long enough to read the instructions.
Can it do RSS? Yes
I have found that it even does Comments RSS feeds. (hadn’t heard of that before).

other tidbits I have seen:
emailing posts that are automatically uploaded.
multiple themes that are infinitely editable
as far as not being locked into a tool or host: that is always going to be the case though, the more data you get on your site the more intimidating it is to move/convert/refactor.
I will be locked into Powweb and WordPress…but not as locked (theoretically) as eBlogger. Both seem to be great tools, both seem to be great solutions.
It was this article on GNU Public License related to the blogging tools of choice that finally sank the ship, so to speak.

I blief I have begun.

This is the first blief and as such, the beginning of the end of another chunk of free time. Will I put pictures here for family to see? Yes. Have I joined the zeitgeist of the blogosphere? Yes. Will I spend way too many late nights tweaking that infernal line so the curve is just swervy enough so that all who notice it’s swervalicious glory will regale? – Yes to the first part.
Let’s just get started shall we?

What’s with the question and answer format anyway?
gah I can’t stop!