All I needed to hear

Last night Angela and I had a night off. Abby went to Gramma Nana’s house eyes wide and full of energy while we went to a movie and then a party. The movie, Flightplan, had a 6 year old character in it that made me want to call Abby, I don’t mind saying it made me miss her. So when we arrived at the party I grabbed a phone and called Nana’s.

“Can I talk to Abby?”
<noise like a phone in the dryer>
“HIIIIII!” (no patented Lenhart singsong lilt to this one)
“Hi honey, are you having fun?” (a reasonable question considering her vigorous hello)
“Yeah, and we’re getting ready for bed and so YOU CAN’T COME!”
“Don’t worry honey, I won’t come over.”
“Okay. you can’t come. b-bye.”

Not even three but that was all I needed to hear.