Thanks for taking pictures of tigers.

It only took a few minutes and I have Jott posting to my blog. I won’t go into Jott right here and now but let me sum up;

Dial a phone number
say: WordPress
say: [whatever I want for about 30 seconds]
the results will be posted here along with an audio link (in case the Jott translator can’t hear me or gets it famously wrong).

Yesterday Abby left me a Jott:

Don’t forget to bring surprises.

but Jott thought she said

Thanks for taking pictures of tigers.

That is an extreme example, and a good one too, but so far I have had a LOT of success with Jott.
But what, you may ask, will I use this for?

Right now the only thing I anticipate is for status updates while riding the Flying Wheels Century on Saturday and the Seattle To Portland in July.

You who are so worried or so inclined can login and check periodically to read or listen to my progress. I may even have a guest blogger (BopOp or JC).
Alternatively you can read and listen in series at a later time using the new ‘Jott Biking’ category. I may even segregate it further into it’s own sub-page…but not today.