Weel Daddies Don’t Eat Quiche

So Emma, at about 3AM the other night, woke up with another bad dream…

Mommy! I had a bad dweeem! (sobbing quietly)
Oh honey, It’s okay, it was just a dream.
The Daddy was twying to fwow me into a bit! (sup-sup)
Oh sweetie, that wasn’t real honey it was just a dream.

ah hah

Would our Daddy throw you into a pit? No. He wouldn’t do that would he?

No (sup) the Weel Daddy wouldn’t do that.
(a little perkier now)
Weel Daddies do Up-High, and Buttup-High, and Hipsup-High, and Towwewr.
(thinking of her favorite games)
THAT what Weel Daddies do!

Wheh is the Weel Daddy?

He is sleeping.

Oh. Ok, I want him.

Being 3AM I was sleeping like a runaway train; oblivious yet focused.

As it turns out, this was the third bad dweem she has had about me in the past couple weeks. In the other two I was withholding access to her Bibbit pillow and pulling the fuzz off of her Bibbit pillow respectively. Pulling the fuzz off her Bibbit could be construed as nightmarish under almost any circumstances.

So tonight at bedtime she brought it up again:

You the Weel Daddy.
Yes, I am the Real Daddy.
What do Pwetend Daddies do?
Well, that is a good question. But, if they are pretend Daddies can’t they pretty much do anything you want ’em to?
Uh huh…like twy to fwow me into a bit.

Yikes, kid! Knock it off with the Pwetend Daddy fwowing you into a bit already?
I didn’t do it and, frankly, I don’t even know what IT is?

As it turns out, “fwow me into a bit” has been further explained at some length and seems to be her way of saying something related to me (I mean Pwetend Daddy) trying to bite (bit) her big toe. That is really kind of a focus for a lot of things lately. It is where the really big coughs come from and the place that the last scrap of food goes at dinner…I suppose it’s really just ‘land’s end’ on her body.

Anyway, I haven’t exactly gotten to the bottom of “fwow me into a bit” yet and even Abby gave me a quizzical shrug when I looked to her for much needed help.

I guess there is no direct translation.

Not un. Twos!

I am very late in getting the visuals (or even for that matter the verbals) of this big day up for everyones viewing pleasure, I apologize. Come to think of it, I am not as utterly late as I am with the Christmas DVD, so you might count yourself lucky in that regard.

Let’s just say that Emma looked forward to her birthday for weeks and weeks. We may have had some small part to play in building the anticipation. She was even singing the song to herself for many days.

When the day finally arrived for the party she was a little gun-shy with the small crowd we assembled. We intentionally kept the group smaller for her sake, as she seems a bit edgy in rooms full of people so we made the tough call and kept the gig to just parents, grandparents, and immediate parental siblings (and families). It was a good size for Emma and she warmed up quickly, after she woke up from her ‘hewg’ nap.
I think we all agreed that she got her fill of Ariel, Elmo cake, and playing with all of her many boy cousins. We had water balloon experiments (remember that one day in early April that was 80 ºF? Yeah, the party was that day), feats of strength, dancing, contests of skill whereby one tried to spill the least amount of water from two full cups whilst hopping from one circle to the next.
It was a very invigorating event and everyone had their own methods. In the end Emma just showed us how much it all mattered as she hopped a few times and then poured out both cups happily in the lawn. That was more fun.
She is putting together complicated sentences and even describing events that happened six months ago with words that she can only now say. Amazing how the mind works.
So, now she is “twos” and not “un” anymore. With the help of her sister she is going on about…oh…twelve.

Here we see her cake, in the style of Elmo’s World. It was crafted fastidiously by The Mommy with much skill and even more fondant. 🙂

Dah Da dah da Melmo's world!


Twos! [blink blink]

Lastly, perhaps the most commonly sung song in the world. And no I am not paying royalties. Observe how The Wee One deftly handles the cake bringing the candle to within striking range. (1MB video)

[flv:amz_01may2008.flv amz_01may2008_flv.jpg 320 240]